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    Why us

    At Abbi Becka, we are doing things very differently from other accountants. Below is a comparison between Abbi Becka and other accountants:

     Abbi BeckaOther accountants
    PricesFrom £17 a month, covering all bookkeeping and accountancy services you need.Average prices would be £200 per month for monthly bookkeeping, £1,000 for annual accounts and £500 for tax return.
    PricingMonthly fixed fee no hidden costs.Fixed fee basis, turnover basis or hourly basis. If your accountants are slow, you will get a huge bill from your accountants for their inefficiency.
    BookkeepingSend us all your stuff and we will sort it all out for you.Do it yourself using spreadsheets or accounting software, and you wouldn't have a clue what is going on.
    Get a quoteJust complete the form "Give me an Offer Price" on the right of the screen. If you like our offer price, submit it and we'll contact you very soon.Ring the accountants and they can only give you a vague idea of what the minimum fee would be.
    How is your fee calculatedFour factors only: Business type, number of partners/directors, number of employees, and number of transactions per annum.Turnover, profit or the number of hours they work on your accounts.
    Geographical coverageWe cover the whole UK.Local only.
    Business philosophyClient-focused. Deliver high-quality services at a cheap price.Retrospective, inward-looking and bureaucratic.

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Give me an Offer Price
 Step 1 - Give me an Offer Price
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Terms and conditions
 Step 1 - Give me an Offer Price
 Our offer monthly fixed fee is £ + vat a month, which covers a wide range of services such as:
  • monthly bookkeeping
  • payroll (if applicable)
  • VAT returns (if applicable)
  • annual accounts
  • tax returns
If you like our offer price , please go to Step 2 - Your Contact Details.

Otherwise, go back to Step 1 - Give me an Offer Price.
 Step 2 - Your Contact Details
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Cheap Accountants

Get your bookkeeping, accounts and tax return done for just £17 a month.
Cheap, simple and efficient.

Fuss-Free Accountants

Send us all your stuff and we'll sort it out for you. No more bookkeeping nightmares and double entry crises.

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