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    Why are we so cheap

    "£17 a month for monthly bookkeeping, annual accounts and tax return... Are you kidding? It's simply impossible."

    No. It's totally possible. We achieve enormous cost savings and pass on the benefits to our clients, thanks to our efficient bookkeeping system, which saves our clients money and time.

    Every month, our clients send us stuff like invoices, receipts and bank statements. We can then post all the transactions into our computer systems, promptly and professionally. The process is simple, efficient and cheap.

    Unlike other traditional or cheap accountants, we don't ask our clients to use word documents or excel spreadsheets to maintain their books of accounts because it does not save time.

    Unless the clients are professional bookkeepers, mistakes are unavoidable and it takes hours and hours to rectify and you will end up wasting lots of valuable time you could otherwise spend with your family and friends.

    Under our system, we save time and therefore money. The benefit of the cost savings is then passed onto our clients. That's why £17 a month is totally possible.

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 Step 1 - Give me an Offer Price
 Our offer monthly fixed fee is £ + vat a month, which covers a wide range of services such as:
  • monthly bookkeeping
  • payroll (if applicable)
  • VAT returns (if applicable)
  • annual accounts
  • tax returns
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Cheap Accountants

Get your bookkeeping, accounts and tax return done for just £17 a month.
Cheap, simple and efficient.

Fuss-Free Accountants

Send us all your stuff and we'll sort it out for you. No more bookkeeping nightmares and double entry crises.

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